BGRIMM Chemical Converts Production-Line for Anti-Epidemic Products

BGRIMM's subsidiary, BGRIMM Chemical Technology (Cangzhou) Company actively responded to General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Outbreak prevention and control is not only a medical and health issue, but a comprehensive work. All works must be done to support and ensure the victory of this blocking war against epidemic-outbreak”, fully implementing the comprehensive strategy of the State Council. In accordance with the work requirements of BGRIMM Group, while working with the epidemic prevention and control, technical reforms should be carried out, and all efforts should be organized in order to produce products for epidemic-containing.

BGRIMM Chemical Technology (Cangzhou) Company makes every effort to ensure the supply of epidemic-containing materials, striving to fulfill the political responsibility of state-owned enterprises to provide epidemic-containing supplies, while bringing benefits to the company by achieving product-diversification. The conversion of the production line as well as the third-party testing of qualified products were all completed within just 9 days. The products were verified and approved by Provincial Health Commission of Hebei and obtained the " Sanitation License of Disinfection Product Manufacturer". At present, the company's revamped disinfection liquid production line has achieved mass production. It can produce 20 tons of qualified disinfection liquid per day, and can expand the daily production capacity to 50 tons according to market demand.

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