BGRIMM’S PMC Smelter Retrofit Project Achieves Orderly Construction in face of COVID-19 Epidemic

In face of the COVID-19 epidemic, BGRIMM has always placed the first priority on prevention and control of the epidemic on project sites in China and overseas. For BGRIMMs PMC Smelter Retrofit Project that is being implemented in full swing in South Africa, effective measures and actions have been taken to prevent spread of the epidemic, with relentless efforts being made to promote project construction at the same time. The target is to maintain zero infection and achieve orderly constructions despite the epidemic.     

The project team reported the epidemic to the client in South Africa as soon as the outbreak was announced. In the report, possible ramifications of the epidemic on the project were analyzed with solutions figured out to minimize the impact. The report was met with an encouraging letter from the client, acknowledging the efforts made by BGRIMM, expressing willingness to offer BGRIMM with support to overcome difficulty and finally delivering a strong confidence in BGRIMM to achieve a successful project.  

The project team has made significant efforts to strengthen project management, help vendors expedite fabrication while strictly abiding by instructions on control of the epidemic, modify construction sequence to accommodate possible late delivery of equipment and use local labor instead when Chinese construction workers are able to arrive on site as scheduled。 The ongoing efforts have been greatly facilitated by the client and other South African companies, vividly exemplifying mutual trust, cooperation and friendship between China and international friends.  

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